Monday, March 30, 2009

Technology Enhanced Lesson

My technology lesson went very well. My second grade students needed to create an informational text about an animal in the wild. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have a technology based lesson. I reserved the computer lab a few days before my lesson. Each student had their own computer to work on. I gave them the information for the websites they would need then put them to work. They were responsible for finding at least one article and picture about their animal. The article had to be about the animal's physical characteristics, habitat, food, babies, and other interesting facts. It gave students the opportunity to use search engines and the internet. It helped them decipher between good and bad research articles.

Usually the teacher just has the students get a book from the library for this project. I think having the students get articles and pictures from the internet gave them a wider variety of information to choose from. It also was fun and interesting!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology-Enhanced lesson

My students are creating animal books the next couple of weeks. The animal books must address the animals physical characteristics, food choice, habitat, babies, and other interesting facts. I think a good way to help students create their books is to have them go on the computer and research their animal. I can reserve the computer lab for an hour, so the students can research their specific animal. They can print off 1-2 articles about their animal and some pictures. It will help tell them things about their animals that the books in the library don't address.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Technology Inventory Reflection

During my classroom technology inventory I learned a lot about the technology my school has. In my classroom there is only one computer, which is only used by the teacher. There is,,however, a technology stand for the second grade which has a computer, projector, cd player, dvd player, etc. It is a great tool if you want to bring technology into the classroom. For the most part thought technology is not used much in the classroom.

My school has two fully loaded computer labs. There are 30 PC's with several different programs on them. Some programs are Microsoft office, phonics, ELL programs, and type writing programs. Students go to the computer lab once a week, where the school technology specialist teaches them. Teachers can book the computer labs at other times jsut by signing up in the office. The technology specialist is there to help teachers with any technology questions or needs.

My teacher utilizes the technology often. This week we are having the students create books about animals on the computer. She believes that technology is very useful for students learning.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

TPACK Virtual Tour

  • What is the content you’ll be using in your lesson

The content I will be teaching is Social Studies, Fifth Grade, Standard 2, Objective 2a. Plot a time line of the key events of the Revolutionary War
  • What is the pedagogy you’ll be using and why is it a good fit with the content?
Students will observe, record, and make predictions. This ties in perfectly with the content because they will observe Revolutionary War sites, record what occurred at each location, and predict how it affected the war so they can create a time line.

  • What is the technology you’ll be using and why is it a good fit with the content and pedagogy?
THe technology I will use is Google Earth to make a virtual tour. This is a great tool to use to teach the students about the Revolutionary War because they can observe where the key events took place, see what happened at each place so they can record it, and predict how it affected the war so they can create time lines.