Monday, March 30, 2009

Technology Enhanced Lesson

My technology lesson went very well. My second grade students needed to create an informational text about an animal in the wild. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have a technology based lesson. I reserved the computer lab a few days before my lesson. Each student had their own computer to work on. I gave them the information for the websites they would need then put them to work. They were responsible for finding at least one article and picture about their animal. The article had to be about the animal's physical characteristics, habitat, food, babies, and other interesting facts. It gave students the opportunity to use search engines and the internet. It helped them decipher between good and bad research articles.

Usually the teacher just has the students get a book from the library for this project. I think having the students get articles and pictures from the internet gave them a wider variety of information to choose from. It also was fun and interesting!

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