Monday, April 13, 2009

Internet Safety Assignment

1. What article did you choose to read for your fourth article?
"Fighting Internet Filth" by Mario Hipol

2. What were the most important things you learned from the readings?
I learned that it is very important to be aware of what your children and family members are doing on the internet. You need to help others around you be educated about internet safety. The internet can be a very useful tool,however, if used inappropriately can cause immense damage. We need to do all that we can to make our computers and the internet a safe place.

3. How will what you have read influence your actions as a parent and/or teacher of children and youth?
I will make it my responsibility to educate my children and other youth about internet dangers. I will be open and honest about what is acceptible and not acceptable things to do on the internet. I think the key for keeping our computers safe is communication with those who use it.

4. How can you use what you have learned from the reading to have a positive influence on family and friends?
I will share with others what I have learned about internet safety. I learned so many new things that I need to inform others about. By talking about the pros and concs of the internet it can prevent hige problems from occuring.

* who you talked with (no names are needed - just a brief description of age)
I talked to my 8 year old cousin Abby.

* what you shared and how it went (was it positive? negative? hard? easy? valuable or not?)
I asked what kinds of things she like to do on the internet. I told her what kinds of things I like to do on the internet. I then talked to her about some of the dangers of the internet. I told her if she ever has a problem or feels uncomfortable she needs to talk to her her parents or me about it. It went very well. I think it was a positive thing discussing the dangers and benefits of the internet

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